Powerful fleet intelligence that is fully customized without compromise

Kinesis pro is the fleet telematics system that gives you complete flexibility so that you are in control.

All of your data displayed in a dashboard how you want it and you can set your alerts and reports to tell you what you need to know. Have different levels of access throughout your company to ensure the people see information that is suitable for them.

Kinesis pro is a tried and tested, award-winning telematics and fleet management platform that has the capability to deliver the information needs of any business owner, fleet manager or H&S executive.


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Highly customized telematics features set, in-depth reporting, tailored dashboards and user setting plus much more.
Proactive alerts and bespoke rule setting; Kinesis pro lets you know when things aren’t right.
Almost any application can be handled. With multiple data inputs, add on features and technology integrations everything is in the one place.

Kinesis Pro

Unlocks the ability to integrate 3rd party sensors & data for advanced applications like; cold chain, marine, aviation, rail and heavy equipment.


    Powerful reports, dashboards and alerts that you fully control

    Kinesis pro comes with standard report but adding custom report and seeing insights on your dashboard is completely configurable using rule sets.  Its easy to set up and highly powerful.

    You can also create custom alerts that monitor the events that are important to you, and then let you know when they occur.

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    Set hierarchy access so the right people have the right access to the right information

    Working across multiple depots or management levels is easy to manage in Kinesis pro.  You can set individual or group hierarchy levels so that certain functionality, groups or vehicles, alerts and reports are accessible to your sets of requirements.

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    Temperature monitoring

    A comprehensive temperature monitoring solution to report and alert on any change in temperature data from a wide range of temperature sources to ensure compliance.

    Temperature sources include major fridge manufacturers, data logger manufacturers and our own probes. Our probes act as an interface between the tracking unit and the temperature source.

    Specific alarms can be set to alert  temperature threshold changes, temperature changes over a period of time and manual overrides of temperature.

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    Fault codes

    Access data directly from the Engine Management System (EMS) of a vehicle with Kinesis pro.

    On the occasion that a warning occurs, a fault code notification will make you aware of any faults or problems that arise, allowing you to act appropriately and see to any alarming issues with urgency.

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    CAN data

    A wealth of information can be pulled from the diagnostics of your vehicles directly into the Kinesis Pro platform using CANCliQ technology.

    Key information such as fault codes, braking, speed, revolutions per minute (RPM), fuel consumption, minute by minute activity prior to an accident, distance readings, oil pressure, water temperature and idling information.

    All data can be built into custom reports so only the information you need to see is shown.

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    Live location

    Get 24/7 visibility over your vehicles and locate your vehicles on our easy to use web-based platform which is accessible via desktop, mobile and tablet.

    See exactly where drivers are and filter by individual driver and vehicle registration. Live map can be viewed in simple map mode or live satellite mode. Accurate to within 3 metres.

    Vehicle colour coding allows easy identification of vehicles based on function, department or type. Stop and play icons tell you if a vehicle is driving or parked.

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    Journey history

    Review every journey your vehicles have made over a 30 day period via an easy to use online portal.

    See highlights such as the distance a vehicle has travelled, the number of journeys made and a total drive time for a specific reporting period.

    Further breakdown information shows postcode and street level detail and start and stop times.

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    Driver behavior insight

    Training staff and drivers to improve their driving habits and drive in a safe and economical way can be a difficult task. Get a simple overview of harsh acceleration, braking, speeding, cornering and idling activities for each vehicle and driver to encourage safe changes in performance.

    Driver scores are created to help you manage any specific risks to your business in terms of costs from significant wear and tear on the vehicle and even potential downtime due to accidents.

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    Camera integration

    Get the same view as your drivers with instant alerts and HD footage if there’s a crash, and a record for insurance claims.

    Get all-round vision for your vehicles, with side and reversing cameras that can see everywhere the driver and his mirrors cannot.

    Cameras watching the driver can monitor concentration and safety standards and keep video evidence.

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    What our customers have to say about us

    “We saw the benefits of our investment right away. Radius Telematics provided visibility into our load planning, speed of unloading, efficiency in processes, reduction in costs, and improved safety"
    Manager, Fleet Company
    “We have found that Radius Telematics interacts with other systems and devices more easily than some of the other providers as they stay on the cutting edge."
    Director, Vehicle Leasing Company
    "Radius Telematics have changed the way I run my service business for the better. I don't have to call my drivers, I can see where they are."
    Fleet Manager, Service Business

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