Radius CyntrX Makes IFTA compliance easy

Radius Telematics makes filing IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) returns simple. The system will automatically track all miles driven, by IFTA jurisdiction. Then it will automatically update with current tax rates and even allow you to upload fuel purchases. The result is a simplified report that takes all of the tedious calculations out of your fuel tax return.


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Integrated Tax Reporting Solutions

Radius CyntrX can integrate with your fuel card programs. The benefits of integrating these systems include:

  • Automatically tracking distance traveled through each jurisdiction
  • Tracking of fuel purchased by jurisdiction with an integrated fuel card
  • Tracking of tax-paid fuel purchased with an integrated fuel card
  • Ability to import fuel card and receipt data for accurate record keeping when purchased with an integrated fuel card
  • Reduction of audit risk
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Streamline IFTA and ELD Compliance

Fuel taxes can make trucking a complicated venture but Radius helps to streamline your compliance with IFTA using the power of vehicle telematics. With Radius, you no longer need to rely on the driver’s ability to track the fuel they use and the miles driven. Leave the heavy lifting up to us.

Between IFTA compliance and the ELD mandate, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s where fleet management solutions from Radius CyntrX come in. Regardless of the metrics you need to track, we’ve got you covered. From remote diagnostics to integrated fuel tax solutions, our products deliver the reliability and accuracy you need. If you’d like to learn more, request a demo of our platform today.

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Radius offers a wide array of telematics based solutions to help manage your business and assets more efficiently.

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