Hardware free tracking using all of the functionality of a smartphone

Easy to use application-based tracking that allows customers to track their vehicle fleet and monitor driver behaviour without the need for hardware being installed in the vehicle.

The innovative system uses mobile phone technology to automatically detect journeys and provide vehicle location alerts, identify incidents and potential driving risks.

Without the need for an installed vehicle device, Kinesis lite offers customers a very flexible alternative or complimentary solution to traditional vehicle tracking. Kinesis lite is quick to deploy, a low credit risk and extremely easy to use.


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Why our customers choose Kinesis Lite

Take Control
With a complete view of vehicle and driver behaviour you are in control, monitor how quickly vehicles are being driven, where they are and when they arrived at a specific location.
Increase Efficiency
Get alerted if a vehicle enters or leaves an specific area defined by you giving you the early warning signs and increases the security of your most valuable and important assets.
Improve Safety
Show which drivers are safer than others and focus training more effectively and stop dangerous driving behaviours; reducing accidents, downtime and potential legal action.
Cost Effective
Pay as you use cost effective tracking from Kinesis Lite let’s you manage how often you choose to use the software. You only pay for what you use and can cancel anytime.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving and mobile phone use is one of the main reasons for vehicle accidents, not to mention the potential downtime if your drivers are banned from driving as a result!

With Kinesis lite you can monitor your drivers phone use whilst driving and curb the behaviour.


Live Map

Get 24/7 visibility over your vehicles and locate your vehicles on our easy to use web-based platform which is accessible via desktop, mobile and tablet.

See exactly where drivers are and filter by individual driver and vehicle registration. Live map can be viewed in simple map mode or live satellite mode. Accurate to within 3 metres.


Journey History

Review every journey your vehicles have made over a 30 day period via an easy to use online portal. See exactly where your vehicles have been and when.

Monitor unauthorised use of company vehicles outside of working hours and break down individual journeys by speed and distance travelled.


Driver Performance

Driver safety ratings help drivers to improve their driving habits whilst letting you know how your vehicles are being driven on the road.

Track information such as harsh braking, acceleration and harsh cornering.



Get ratings to show if a driver is abusing your vehicle, leading to costly repairs.

Review driver speeding incidents with detailed reports showing where, when and recorded speed above legal speed limit. See each time a vehicle breaks the speed limit and which drivers are most at risk of being in a collision.



Boundary alerts let you know the moment a vehicle arrives or leaves a specific location or a larger geographic area.

You can also create a perimeter around a specific location such as a customer location or depot to see when a delivery has been made to support service level agreements.

Watch out for drivers that may be lone working to ensure safe arrival.


Fuel Consumption

Fuel levels and consumption let you keep an eye on the single most expensive part of operating a fleet.

Kinesis lite pulls through and sorts fuel usage data so you can track fuel usage across your entire fleet, showing you how fuel is used and help to spot any discrepancies and inefficiences.


Maintenance Schedules

Maintenance schedules are automatically pulled in to Kinesis lite.

Maintenance logs allow you to track what maintenance is required and what has been completed, ensuring your vehicles are always safe on the road.


What our customers have to say about us

“Vimos imediatamente os benefícios do nosso investimento. A Radius Telematics deu visibilidade ao nosso planeamento de carga, velocidade de descarga, eficiência nos processos, redução de custos, e maior segurança.”
Gerente, Fleet Company
“Descobrimos que a Radius Telematics interage com outros sistemas e dispositivos mais facilmente do que alguns dos outros fornecedores, dado que se mantêm na vanguarda.”
Diretor, Empresa de Locação de Veículos
“A Radius Telematics mudou para melhor como dirijo a minha empresa de serviços. Não preciso de ligar aos meus motoristas, posso ver onde estão”
Gestor de Frotas, Empresa de Serviços

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