Your Path to a Seamless Transition. Prepare for the 3G Network Sunset by June 2024.

Australia’s telecommunications landscape is undergoing a transformative change, and the telematics industry is at the forefront of this evolution. The impending 3G shutdown between December,2023 to June,2024 has left many businesses in the telematics sector searching for innovative solutions to stay ahead in an increasingly connected world.

It’s now that the clock is ticking, and the countdown have begun, the 3G network once a reliable backbone for telematics is rapidly fading away.

You might be wondering why you should bother learning about the shutdown?We’re here to address the issues and present effective solutions.

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3G networks and 4G networks employ distinct equipment and algorithms; 3G relies on wideband code division multiple access (WCDMA) technology, utilising the full cellular spectrum used for data transmission, while 4G utilize orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) technology, segregating the spectrum into smaller sub-bands to enhance efficiency.

The discontinuation of the 3G network in Australia might present certain difficulties for Businesses and Individuals, the advantages of the 10x swifter, more efficient, and economically viable 4G technologies will surpass the expenses associated with sustaining the outdated network.

Why Act Now !

Reliability at Stake

Risk disruptions in telematics services, including data delays, lapses in tracking, and inefficient operations.
Loss of Connectivity

3G devices are now obsolete, leading to a loss of real-time data transmission and tracking capabilities.
Obsolete Hardware

Increased maintenance costs and operational downtime due to 3G-specific hardware becoming obsolete.
Compliance matters

Regulatory requirements like Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandates may no longer be met with 3G technology, potentially resulting in fines and penalties.
Limited Support /Updates

3G shutdown leads to obsolete hardware, causing increased maintenance costs and operational downtime.

Benefits of 4G Hardware

Extended Wireless Network coverage
Enhanced connectivity for Fleet Tracking
Higher Bandwidth and data speeds
Faster Data Transmission rates for real time monitoring
Low Latency
Minimal delay in data transfer for instant updates
Wider Coverage Range
Broader geographic reach for tracking remote assets
Improved Network reliability
Enhanced service reliability for uninterrupted tracking
Greater compatibility with cellular tech
Seamless integration with advanced telematics technology

We have got you all covered: Your trusted partner in the Transition.

Are you wondering if now is the right time to plan your move to advanced 4G LTE technology?

Have you identified the specific hardware components requiring replacement in your migration process?

Curious about the comprehensive cost breakdown for these upgrades?

Within your organization, have you designated a qualified individual or team to oversee the seamless implementation of this technology upgrade?

Satisfied with your current telematics provider?

Wondering if the installation of new hardware will cause downtime or operational disruptions?

Have you established a well-structured timeline for the systematic replacement of devices?

How will the transition to 4G LTE technology influence the overall stability and operational efficiency of your business?

While the 3G shutdown may seem daunting, Radius Telematics customers can rent easy. Why?

As Radius Customers are already using 4Connectivity making them well-prepared for the future and from freeing them from the hassle of transitioning.

At Radius, we understand the importance of being Future-ready. We are here to guide you through the transitions making it seamless and stress-free. When you choose us, you gain more than just a service provider-you gain a partner.

Our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions ensures that our customers remain at the forefront of telematics technology. With 4G connectivity in place, they continue to enjoy real-time tracking, alerts, and comprehensive fleet visibility.

We offer Personal account managers who will work closely to ensure a smooth transition to advanced telematics solutions.

Our team is ready to assist you in every step of the journey

System Audit
Evaluate your existing infrastructure and identify 3G-dependent devices.
Engage with Service Providers
We’ll guide you in choosing compatible hardware and software solutions.
Plan for Network Coverage
We’ll help you ensure consistent tracking across all operational areas.
Address Data Security
Our team prioritizes data security with encryption, authentication, and secure protocols.

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