What are the benefits of using dash cams?

Radius Telematics connected camera range works with vehicles and fleets of all sizes, providing you with instant video footage to help keep your drivers protected and other road users safe. You can also save money on insurance premiums by introducing cameras and dissolving any false claims when you have the evidence to support.

What is a dash cam?

A dash cam is a recording device mounted on or in a vehicle. Businesses can use it to record footage of accidents or other events that occur on the road. The dash cam records continuously, so it will record even if the vehicle’s engine is turned off.

Many businesses have also used them to record footage of their drivers driving habits and behaviours to improve their driving skills.

How can a dash cam help your business?

Businesses can benefit from using dash cams when a vehicle travels between locations or routes. This can help them identify any problems with their fleet and make necessary fixes before they become more severe issues that could cost them money down the road.

A dash cam can capture important footage that might help protect a business from liability should a driver be involved in an accident, proving fault in any false insurance claims.


How can a dash cam improve fleet safety?

A business can improve fleet safety with a dash cam by providing evidence of potential hazards on the road.

Businesses can use dash cams to improve safety and security by recording unsafe driving or other dangerous behaviour on the road. This can help prevent future incidents that could cause severe injury or damage to property.

Why customers choose dash cams from Radius Telematics

Fewer accidents
Use video insights to help train drivers to create a safer workforce reducing accidents and associated costs.
Lower insurance
Insurance premiums and claims costs can be significantly reduced by introducing cameras to your vehicles.
Eliminate fraud
Prevent bogus claims against your businesses with accurate footage of incidents that prove you weren’t at fault.
Protect drivers
Provide drivers with the reassurance that their journeys are being recorded helping to protect them and be safer on the road.

Crystal clear footage with a 4G HD dash cam

Our dash cams have been specifically designed for commercial vehicles and can be used in a wide variety of industries. High quality 4G video footage is recorded of any incident that takes place on the road.

With HD video quality visibility of the road ahead and driver in cab visibility on dual facing dash cams is high no matter what time of day and even in extreme weather conditions.

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Plus a range of devices to support

Forward facing dash cams
Compact front facing dash cams with clear HD footage. Connected to the 4G network enables fast remote footage download in the event of an incident.
Dual facing dash cams
Monitor both the road ahead and the driver at the same time to improve driving safety standards and support evidence for insurance accident claims.
Multi cam system
Multi cam systems ensure important areas around your vehicles are accessible and recorded, giving you and your drivers visibility of pedestrians and other road users.

Watch video footage instantly, from anywhere, and in clear HD

Retrieve your video footage whilst your vehicles are on the move. Unlike traditional dash cameras, the Radius Telematics range offer remote video download, no need to take your vehicle into a depot.

All you need to do is simply select a date and time and request the footage on your device, wherever you are.

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See driver performance data and dash cam footage in one place

Help reduce risks of accidents and encourage safe driving practices with your workforce when utilising dash cam and vehicle tracking integration.

See who was driving, how fast they may have been going and where the vehicle was located when an accident occurred.

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What our customers have to say about us

“We initially purchased a vehicle multicamera system quickly followed by GPS tracking and driver monitoring for our service vans.”
Director, Servicing Company
“Managing a rapidly growing fleet requires reliable and trustworthy supplier relations. With this in mind, Radius Telematics was recommended to us as a strong reliable supplier of tracking and vehicle cameras.”
Manager, Fleet Company
“I am more than happy with Radius Telematics. For the customer service, I give Radius ten out of ten, and for all your services I give you ten out of ten!”
Managing Director, Van Leasing Company

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