By responding to insight and alerts on speed limit violations, management can take necessary action to ensure the safety of their vehicles and protect the reputation of their business

Our speeding reports give managers the ability to learn more about the speeding trends of their drivers. This presents an opportunity to take action to improve driver behaviour, manage risk and cut fuel costs. Information on speeding is obtainable via an easy-to-digest summary table, with scores ranging from 0 to 100.

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“We have been customers of Radius Telematics for many years and over that time they have saved us thousands of pounds with their simple, but effective trackers. Would thoroughly recommend it.”
Managing Director, Car Dealership
“We have used Radius Telematics on multiple occasions to solve our customer’s requirements. The service we have received has been top quality and Radius staff are always very helpful and efficient.”
Director, Manufacturing Company
“Very happy with the service from Radius Telematics, they have been very helpful explaining the devices and quick to get back to us with any queries and what would suit our business requirements best.”
Supervisor, Delivery Service Company

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