Easy location monitoring of your essential assets, every day.

Losing track of valuable or business critical assets like machinery, vehicles, plant and equipment can cost you money to replace, time to recover, loss of customer trade or even all three!

Our neon asset tracking device is small and discreet that you can attach or hide on almost anything, giving you daily location monitoring alerts.

Powerful reporting software and stronger visibility of your asset’s whereabouts gives businesses with small or large numbers of assets greater control and more operational efficiency.


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GPS Location Updates

Depending on the asset tracking device you choose you can be sent a single location alert per day or numerous alerts to monitor the location and keep track of your valuable assets.

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Why our customers use asset tracking from Radius Telematics

Greater security
Protection of valuable and critical assets, plant and equipment helping to prevent theft and loss.
Clear visibility
Stay close to remote assets, knowing where they so they are easily located and recovered.
Lower insurance
Asset tracking and SVR help lower the cost of insurance premiums and reduce claims costs.
Increased utilisation
Make sure that all your assets are where they should be so they are working hard for your business.

Effective Decision Making

In a society where risk, duty of care and corporate social responsibility are paramount, access to intelligence is critical in providing real-time and historic data trends that serve as an enabler to make effective decision making. In turn, this drives financial and operational enhancement. Our software consolidates big data and presents it in a clear, visible and highly intuitive live dashboard and reporting suite.

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What Questions Can Be Answered?

As business decision-makers operating high-value capital items, you are likely to have the following questions:

• Are people and vehicles/equipment working efficiently?
• How do I have visibility of my high-value capital assets once they’ve left my premises?
• How can I verify working hours and health & safety compliance?
• How do I reduce both my downtime and that of my clients?
• How can I ensure my capital is being invested in the right assets?

Every one of these areas and more are addressed by our asset tracking software!

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No Install Required

Your asset tracking device doesn’t require a professional installation. With no wiring for thieves to trace, and no requirement for it to be located near a power source the device is ideal to conceal from thieves.

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Long Battery Life

Powered by an internal battery, you get up to 5 years of daily tracking data. With no wires to attach you can track powered and non-powered assets such as generators, skips and trailers all in one place.

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Small and Discreet Device

Our asset tracking devices are smaller than a matchbox and powered with an internal battery meaning they can be fitted anywhere on powered or non-powered assets.

No matter how small your asset our device is small enough to be concealed to give you complete peace of mind knowing exactly where your business critical pieces of equipment are.

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Waterproof IP67 Rated

Our asset tracking products are all availavle with an IP67 waterproof rating meaning they are suitable for use on most outdoor conditions.

Our asset tracking devices are ideal for use on plant equipment and vehicles that will be used in difficult environments such as building sites, farming fields and areas with excessive water.

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Asset Tracking

Our neon asset tracking device is small and discreet that you can attach or hide on almost anything, giving you daily location monitoring alerts.


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    What our customers have to say about us

    "We have been customers of Radius Telematics for many years and over that time they have saved us thousands of pounds with their simple, but effective trackers. Would thoroughly recommend it."
    Managing Director, Car Dealership
    "We have used Radius Telematics on multiple occasions to solve our customer's requirements. The service we have received has been top quality and Radius staff are always very helpful and efficient."
    Director, Manufacturing Company
    "Very happy with the service from Radius Telematics, they have been very helpful explaining the devices and quick to get back to us with any queries and what would suit our business requirements best."
    Supervisor, Delivery Service Company

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