The purpose of this guide is to assist you in using and getting the most out of Kinesis Pro software.

Our intelligent platform offers a customised feature set, in-depth reporting, tailored dashboards and user settings, proactive alerts, bespoke rule-setting, and data inputs. Below is a comprehensive and detailed guide that will assist you in achieving your goal.

Click on the tiles below and follow the step-by-step instructions.

What can we help you with?

  • Manual reports
    • Running a report
    • Re-running a recent report
    • Opening or re-running a previously run report
  • Analytics reports
    • Running an analytics report
    • Editing an analytics chart
  • Scheduled reports
    • Creating a schedule
    • Adding reports to a schedule
  • Assets
    • Creating and editing assets
    • Asset events
    • Asset settings
  • Zones
    • Overview
    • Create a zone
    • Edit a zone
  • Alerts
    • Create an alert
    • Edit an alert
    • View an alert
  • Profiles
    • Asset rating
    • Asset state
    • Overspeed profile
    • Road profiles
    • Geo lock profiles
    • Custom fields
  • Organisation
    • Cost centres
    • Asset groups
    • Zones groups
  • Analytics
    • Dashboards
  • Accounts
    • Users
    • Users roles

Table of content

Get to know the systemSet up and use the Live map featureCreate and manage alertsRequest, download and manage video footage
Main menus explained
Symbols & icons
Viewing asset information
Search for the closest asset
Location sharing
Editing asset information
Asset search
Creating and editing alerts
Viewing alerts
Management of alerts
Requesting videos
Viewing videos
Restrict user access to video
Video icons
Build your dashboard (analytics)View your vehicle or driver’s Trip historyRun and schedule your reportsLearn how to Map search
Editing Widgets
Filtering Data on a Chart Widget
Deleting Chart Widgets
Sharing Chart Widgets to another Dashboard
An Introduction to Creating Dashboards
Creating Standalone Dashboards
Visual trip data
Manual reports
Analytics reports
Scheduled reports
Map search from the console
Map search from map
Set up your account (administration)

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