Complete peace of mind for you and your drivers on the road

Covering both the road ahead and the interior cab view and driver, our dual facing cameras give you complete visibility of what is going on in and ahead of your vehicle.

This footage can prove invaluable if any of your drivers end up in an accident that isn’t their fault and help to improve driver behaviour through on going video-supported coaching.


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Two video perspectives in the event of an incident

Dual facing dash cams provide maximum visibility for Fleet Managers, Drivers and Business Owners over any vehicle and fleet.

Driver and cab facing connected cameras show an instant view of the road ahead and what is currently happening inside the cab of the vehicle, allowing you to respond almost immediately to any incidents as they happen.

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Why customers choose dash cams from Radius Telematics

Fewer accidents
Use video insights to help train drivers to create a safer workforce reducing accidents and associated costs.
Lower insurance
Insurance premiums and claims costs can be significantly reduced by introducing cameras to your vehicles.
Eliminate fraud
Prevent bogus claims against your business with accurate footage of incidents that prove you weren't at fault.
Protect drivers
Provide drivers with the reassurance that their journeys are being recorded helping to protect them and be safer on the road.

Complete protection for your drivers at all times

Dash cameras that show the driver as well as the road help to protect drivers that may find themselves in potentially hostile or dangerous situations.

Drivers of taxis, minibuses, coaches and any other form of passenger transport can unfortunately sometimes find themselves in difficult situations that require assistance from others in the workplace or recorded footage to support any false claims of attack or negligence.

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See footage of your vehicles whenever and wherever you are

We understand the importance of keeping your vehicles moving. That’s why we have introduced a simple to use, camera with video download capabilities.

Retrieve your video footage whilst your vehicles are on the move. Unlike traditional dash cameras, Radius Telematics offers remote video download at the touch of a button. Simple select a date and time and request the footage wherever you are.

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HD footage

Our dash cams are discreetly installed in your vehicles with no impact to the drivers field of view. Our 4G dash cams have a wide angle lens and 1080p HD footage to bring you the best possible quality video recordings.

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Panic button

Having a panic button connected to a vehicle dash cam allows drivers to instantly alert fleet managers and owners in the event of an emergency situation or collision.

When the button is pushed an alert is sent immediately with recorded video footage of the incident that has taken place.

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What our customers have to say about us

"We initially purchased a vehicle multicamera system quickly followed by GPS tracking and driver monitoring for our service vans."
Director, Servicing Company
"Managing a rapidly growing fleet requires reliable and trustworthy supplier relations. With this in mind, Radius Telematics was recommended to us as a strong reliable supplier of tracking and vehicle cameras."
Manager, Fleet Company
“I am more than happy with Radius Telematics. For the customer service, I give Radius ten out of ten, and for all your services I give you ten out of ten!”
Managing Director, Van Leasing Company

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