Can you afford not to have cameras fitted to your vehicles?

Reduce accidents, speed up insurance claims and open doors to new business opportunities

Forward facing 4G dash cam

Our compact dash cam is small and discreet yet powerful. It can be tucked behind the vehicle rear view mirror without obstructing the drivers view. 

Dual facing dash cams

Dual monitor cameras that watch the road and the driver in cab can monitor driving safety standards and be used as evidence to show what the driver was doing when an accident happened

Multi cam system

Have complete peace of mind knowing that HD quality video footage from all angles provides ultimate driver protection.


Reduce insurance claims

Protect against “crash for cash” scams by proving who was liable in any accident.

Settle insurance claims faster with video footage to save hassle and cost you less when you renew.

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Improve site safety

With our professional dashcams you get video alerts to your phone. Make first notification of loss with evidence of who was liable.

Settling insurance claims faster doesn’t just save hassle, it costs you less when you renew.

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Monitor driver behaviour

Driver monitoring gives you statistics on the habits that increase accidents, waste diesel and cause wear and tear leading to more vehicle repairs.

With data and dashcam footage, you can see what needs to change and re-train drivers.

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Fewer accidents
Use video insights to help train drivers to create a safer workforce reducing accidents and associated costs.
Lower insurance
Insurance premiums and claims costs can be significantly reduced by introducing cameras to your vehicles.
Eliminate fraud
Prevent bogus claims against your businesses with accurate footage of incidents that prove you weren’t at fault.
Protect drivers
Provide drivers with the reassurance that their journeys are being recorded helping to protect them and be safer on the road.

Be compliant

Open doors to more contract opportunities with vehicle certifications such as FORS, CLOCS, DVS and more.

We can advise and provide your whole camera and telematics solution for safety standards.

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Provide evidence

Monitor drivers with vehicle CCTV to defend them against false accusations and stop dangerous habits.

Smoking, using phones or distracted driving before collisions will be caught on camera for you to download remotely.

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