Vehicle Tracking

InstallationInstallation of device, new or replacement.$65
RemovalRemove device and leave with customer. The customer is responsible for the return.$55
De/ReDevice removed from 1 vehicle, and installed on another, at the same site at the same time.$55
No showNon-attendance or cancellation of an appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice.$50
NRFThe device has been placed on Perm Stop and has not been returned within 60 days.$30
Out of Hours SurchargeExtra charge for jobs completed on weekends.$25
Admin FeeFee for initial device setup.$25
Returned DD ChargeCharge for a missed Direct Debit payment.$12
Hard Copy InvoiceCharge to receive a hard copy of a single invoice.$10


1 Camera/Dual Lense2 Cameras3 Cameras4 Cameras5 Cameras>5 Cameras
Installation$90$190$250$370$490Pricing Available Upon Request
Add On’s (Driver ID, PTO, Tacho, Panic Button)$10 Each$10 Each$10 Each$10 Each$10 EachPricing Available Upon Request
Temperature Probe$60$60$60$60$50Pricing Available Upon Request
Side Scan Installation$180$180$180$180$180Pricing Available Upon Request
Out of Hours Surcharge$25$25$25$25$25Pricing Available Upon Request
Removal$80$170$220$320$420Pricing Available Upon Request
De/Re$130$280$360$540$700Pricing Available Upon Request
Service Call$55$55$55$55$55Pricing Available Upon Request

These charges are the minimum amounts only. Any custom/bespoke installation may incur an increased charge depending upon requirements.